Guerriera Concept

Making this project we were inspired by modern trends in the development of motorsport in the desire to create a perfect, fast and recognizable silhouette. Every line, every bend has been thought out to the smallest detail to fit perfectly into the overall concept. Also, we tried to take into account all engineering requirements and constraints.

This is Sparta!

What could be more enchanting than Ancient Greece? In this project, we have created the game art for a new role-playing game in the atmosphere of ancient Sparta, the city of true warriors. From childhood, they learn to hold the shield and the sword fighting against the enemy. And it doesn't matter you are a boy or a girl. First of all - you are a warrior.

Tauro 2030

In this project, we are excited to introduce you to our new concept of the hypercar. This is a quintessence of power and style. This highest-performing supercar may be the fastest and the most beautiful car in the world. We have accounted for all engineering requirements and constraints as much as possible based on modern knowledge about materials and their properties.

The Purity

The purity of mother nature. What could be more beautiful and quivering than this? In this project, we tried to embody all the purity of nature, innocence, and beauty in the game art for a new game project. We invite you to touch the beauty with us. We hope you will enjoy this travel and after that, will share your thoughts about that with us.

Hair of Fire

Computer games have long been more than just entertainment for children. Like cinematography and animation, it became one of the new kinds of art. And the look of the main protagonist in the game sometimes plays a decisive role in whether the audience will like the game. In this project, we present to your attention the concept design of the main character for a new game.
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